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Pursued to Eternity by John Riley: A TOS Crew Review

Pursued to Eternity by John Riley


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Pursued to Eternity by John Riley

Stories are some my favorite way to escape, and to learn. Pursued to Eternity by John Riley is a great way to do both!

This short fiction book is a 17 chapter journey through time introducing the reader to the God of history and exploring the creation versus evolution debate.

The story follows the journey of two brothers - one a Christian, biology teacher and the other an Atheist geologist.

It's an easy to read book, once I started it was hard to put down.  The beginning chapters are set in a different time era, so it makes a fascinating trip through history as well.  The first chapter begins the story with a suspenseful dinosaur hunt.  Throughout the story, you'll travel to Egypt, visit modern American classrooms, and travel to archeological digs in Kenya.

All throughout this book, John Riley has woven Scripture, fascinating historical and archeological facts, scientific discoveries and plenty of great apologetics to help bring understanding to the creation versus evolution debate.

The author, John Riley, has a Master of Science degree and has worked thirty-five years as an engineer. During retirement, he and his wife, Nancy, have taught physics, robotics, SAT prep classes and an Apologetics: Creation vs. Evolution course on It's a 14 week, video-based course geared for 7-12th grade.

This story was an engaging quick read, but would also make a great introduction for students interested in apologetics and creation vs. evolution.  One chapter includes 68 key questions that can be researched to help students understand why they can believe in the Biblical creation account.  This would make an excellent, in-depth study for anyone!

The final chapters tie the early chapters together with the discoveries of archeological artifacts and show God's pursuit of man as the atheist brother comes to faith. 

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                     Pursued to Eternity by John Riley

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