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HelpTeaching Pro Subscription from HelpTeaching.com: A TOS Crew Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way

HelpTeaching Pro Subscription from HelpTeaching.com

HelpTeaching Pro Subscription from HelpTeaching.com is a must-have resource!  The Pro Subscription gives you unlimited access to custom and pre-made tests, worksheets, lessons and games for grades K-12 for online or printable use.

This is a HUGE resource with so many options - it's kinda like being in a homeschool curriculum candy shop...lots and lots of goodies to choose from!

HelpTeaching Pro Subscription includes:
  • unlimited custom tests and worksheets
  • up to 100 Questions limit in custom tests & worksheets
  • an Ad-free experience
  • usage of their library of custom questions and images
  • the ability to save as PDF for tests and worksheets
  • the ability to create your own lessons with embedded videos
  • an online test room to administer tests
  • Pre-made Premium Common Core ELA & Math Content
  • Access to their library of over 20,000 Common Core aligned ELA & math questions
Let me show you a few ways we use this amazing resource.  First, the subscription gives you access to Printable and Online Worksheets, Quizzes and Activities.

They are arranged either by grade level, or by subject, making it super easy to find what you are looking for.  Not just for basic subjects like English Language Arts, Math, Science, etc. They also have Vocational Education, Art & Music, Study Skills, PE, and Life Skills categories to pick and choose from.

One thing I love about this program is the ability to create worksheets/tests/quizzes and either print them (with answer keys!) have my student "take it now", or schedule it for my students to complete later.  It's so easy to use, all you need is their email and it will send it to your student!

 This program has hundreds of pre-made options for all grades and subjects, including high school options.

 But, sometimes you need a more specific test or quiz for your students.  HelpTeaching Pro Subscription allows you to create custom tests as well - with up to 100 questions.

The Test Maker makes it super easy to create your own using your own questions, or choosing from a vast library of standards aligned questions that you can easily search with a keyword.

There is plenty of help available with a simple click to get more information on how to create and customize your tests.  You can even add images from their extensive collection of maps and images.

 I created a quick Biology test for my student, covering cells.  It was so easy!  You can select what type of questions, how many and even specify the grade level.

In just a few clicks, I was able to print out a Biology exam to review what we had learned about cells.

A fun feature is that you can schedule tests for your students to take Online. This program allows you to create classes, schedule tests, and keep track of results.  

You can customize the options - like allowing students to change their answers, use practice mode and show the test results.  This would be a very useful tool for Coop classes as well!

 Another feature I love about this program are the Online Lessons for Self-Directed Learning.  This section is mainly for middle/high school level students and utilizes videos from a variety of sources like - Khan Academy, Educator.com, and Bozeman Science and links to other free online resources to help students understand the topic.

 We have been studying American history and government this year, so the lesson on The Constitution was a perfect complement.

They have dozens of lessons in Math, English Language Arts, Science, History and Social Studies.  This section would be worth the subscription alone!

There's more! Worksheet Generator lets you create you own math worksheets to practice math facts - you choose the function, number of questions, and factors you want to include. One click later - you can print all the worksheets you want.

Game and Puzzle Generators allow you to create bingo cards and word searches for any topic you want.  We love the bingo cards for summer road trips.

With so many resources to choose from, and the ability to customize to exactly what you need, this is definitely a MUST have resource for homeschooling!  

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