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Exploring the U.S. Life-Saving Service 1878-1915: 17 Student Workshops with 120 Activities from Rebecca Locklear: A TOS Crew Review

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I love it when we can dive into history and it comes alive in a new way. We've been captivated by Exploring the U.S. Life-Saving Service 1878-1915: 17 Student Workshops with 120 Activities from Rebecca Locklear.

This is a 120 page PDF download that makes the history of the US Life-Saving Service come alive.  It is broken into 5 sections with 17 workshop-style lessons, beginning with an Introduction to these brave men of the beaches that were part of the U.S. Life-Saving Service, a government organization that existed between 1878 and 1915

Sections cover: 

Life at the Station House
Working Together
The Culture and Character
Relevance Today

This is an engaging unit study on a topic we really had never explored before.  Having just been to the beach, we were all in the mood to learn more about anything to do with the magnificent ocean!

The information is all organized to make it easy to use, and perfect to teach in a Coop or group setting.  It's designed for grades 4-12.  It incorporates a wide variety of activities that you can pick and choose from for your students.

Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Group Work

Throughout the study, you will find old photos that really show the challenges of the Life-Saving Service. 

We really enjoyed Unit 2 - Working Together at the Station.  It began with learning to identify Ships & Signals, we read about the demanding Beach Patrol duty, watched videos about Rescues with boats, discussed Rescue Scenarios:Live or Die, and created our own First Aid Medicine Chest.

In the study you will find suggestions for resources to help you learn more.  We loved watching the recommended YouTube videos as we worked through the study.

There is an entire section with suggested art activities for your creative types.  My drama kids loved reading the skits, and I think they would be a huge hit in a coop class. There are recipes included so you can taste history (molasses muffins were super yummy!), and tons of great topics to get family discussion going!

The final section: Relevance Today - was another favorite.  It focused on survival skills.  It's filled with practical information, like 10 essentials for survival and real-lire scenarios of survival you can discuss.  We were fascinated by the Cold Water Survival section.  Did you know 68 degree is considered "cold water" and that you can actually survive about an hour in it?  

This is the perfect way to sneak in some summer learning!  The study was very well put together, offered great activities that appeal to all learning styles and was completely fascinating!   

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Are you drawn to an interactive, engaging, and multi-curricular teaching style?

"As a writer of educational materials, Rebecca Locklear's ideas radiate from a passion to present information in unusual and interactive ways. She draws on decades of experience teaching all levels of students. Whether writing historical reenactment productions in the mountains of Morocco, instructing international learners in Switzerland, or creating faculty training workshops at her Oregon home, her focus is on a dynamic learning environment.

So...if you find Rebecca learning to drive a team of horses, throwing water over beached pilot whales, biking in Italy, surveying the firing lines of bastion fortifications, or just crawling around a ship built in the 1600s, know that for her it's "fun with a purpose." In some way, her experiences find their way into her teaching and into her educational books."

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