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The Hidden Message of the Great Seal from The Hidden Message, LLC: A TOS Crew Review

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The Hidden Message of the Great Seal How Foundational Truth From The Dawn Of Liberty May Rescue A Republic In Peril from The Hidden Message, LLC

The Hidden Message of the Great Seal How Foundational Truth From The Dawn Of Liberty May Rescue A Republic In Peril from The Hidden Message, LLC is a fascinating read!  Once I started, I had a hard time putting it down.

This beautiful 260 page softcover book will take you on an exploration of the allegory behind our National Seal.  The author, Michael Kanis has a BA in business and MBA in Finance and Operations.  He's a strong Christian with a varied background in business, technology and now as an author. He has devoted thousands of hours to researching this important subject.

First, this book is truly beauiful!  The photographs throughout are all full color, and the pages are thick and glossy. The 9x12 format makes a great coffee table book and is great for reading aloud together from. 

In the 24 chapters, Michael gives us a glimpse into our history by uncovering the symbolism and meaning behind our National Seal, probably one of our most widely reproduced - but, not completely understood symbols.

He consistently weaves Scripture throughout this book, showing us the faith of our Founding Fathers and the principles that guided them.  What a timely reminder for us at this time in history!

I was fascinated as he introduced me to characters in our American story that were new to me.  For instance, Charles Thomson - an important American that I had not had the privilege of learning about... until now.

Charles Thomson became the Keeper of the Seal.  No other single person in our history was more qualified to hold this position - he had been present at every important meeting as our country was being birthed, was a intimate friend of our founding fathers, an expert in Greek and Latin, and most importantly - a man of Faith in God. It was his job to "cast the character and image of the American people in the form of the Great Seal". I loved being introduced to this important person in our history that is often overlooked! Michael Kanis storytelling style is very easy to read, and the information is truly deep and thought provoking.  

This book is filled with these types of gems. The information is quite in-depth as the author ties a panorama of world history into our American heritage.  I feel like it would make a great addition not only to your upper level history studies - but, also as a great read for your government and economics students as well.  

Throughout the book, the author uses sidebars and bullet points to summarize information.  The book is filled with primary source quotes, as well as, beautiful images.  It's very nicely done.

I enjoyed this book immensely.  I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to truly understand the foundation of our American history. 

The author has given us a special discount - good until May 30, 2020 - "The book can be found on Amazon for $29.95, but I have included a coupon code for 50% off the cover price for any of your readers/viewers who wish to purchase the book from our web site, thehiddenmessoage.org. As always, shipping is free. To receive the discount, your readers only need to apply the coupon code: HOMESCHOOL at checkout."

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