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Smartick: A TOS Crew Review


We have been improving our math, reading comprehension, logic and reasoning skills in just 15 minutes a day with a 6 month subscription to Smartick.

Smartick is an online, subscription based program designed to reinforce skills and provide vital math enrichment exercises by using it just 15 minutes a day, at least 4-5 times per week.  For students ages 4-14.  By using advanced technology, the program actually adapts to your child's skill and and pace (instead of standard grade levels).  My testers completed a placement exercise during their first session - and the program has decided the rest.  So easy to use! 

The program has both a parent login - where we can see progress, speed, a calendar of completion, and more, and a student login. In addition, daily emails are sent directly to my inbox detailing their progress, or letting me know if they missed or stopped their session.  Very handy!

Both of my students could login and create their personal avatar and password.  The program is very intuitive to use, so all I had to do was to introduce it.

Let me show you some of the features:

The goal is to earn "ticks" by answering questions correctly.  The student simply begins, and the program has determined the level.  I love that my students are getting valuable practice in math skills while improving their speed too.  Immediate feedback is given after they answer...either a satisfying (but sometimes annoying to siblings) ding!  Or, a red x with the correct answer shown.

Once they have earned enough ticks - they have options of how to use them.  This is what my testers loved most about this program...the rewards.  Surprising how hard they will work for these...  The ticks can be use to purchase items for their virtual rooms, or even send items to friends.  My girls love this feature.

The program also has an arcade that allows them to play a wide variety of games -shhh...don't tell them they are actually working on memory, reasoning, flexibility and attention skills, it just seems like fun!  One of their favorites was Rush Hour - a puzzle game moving cars on a grid (just like the physical game).

They can also play games, or challenges with a friend. They get to choose the topic to compete in, and then the challenge appears on their login.  This was super fun for the sisters to get to compete against each other.

The students get plenty of feedback on their progress from their login as well. 

They really enjoy this program, in fact - it's the first thing they do daily.  The program has a nice parental feature, it that it only allows them to complete one session per day (otherwise, we'd never get anything else done!).

I'm thoroughly impressed with this program.  It's well designed, and easy to use.  I've already seen massive improvement in their math skills. 

Don't miss it!

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