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Life With Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment : A TOS Crew Review

Life With Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment

Life With Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment is a family friendly movie. We all cuddled up to watch together, one of my favorite ways to connect with my kiddos.

This movie is available at Walmart stores starting June 4, 2019, or online at Amazon.  When you purchase the DVD, you get a code from Mill Creek Entertainment that allows you to get instant digital access to your title, this gives you the ability to watch it on your other digital devices as well.

Mill Creek Entertainment offers a huge selection of contemporary and classic films and television series, documentary series and popular kids programming, as well as independent films, Latino cinema, early learning and fitness.

Life With Dog - "Hope comes in many forms", is it's tag line.  This 106 minute film is centered around Joe Bigler as he grieves the loss of his wife.   Wow - I  was caught right away, having just lost my husband two months ago.

Joe, played by Corbin Bernsen, is angry.  The film alternates his present reality with "conversations" from his deceased wife Alice, played by Marilu Henner.  It's a movie you need to pay attention to, as the story keeps developing and unfolding.

Joe has isolated himself, until a stray dog arrives and refuses to leave.  Joe's daughter, Zoey, played by Chelsey Crisp, introduces the faith aspect of this film.  She has had a rough time, with her husband leaving her alone to be a single parent.  She is worried about her father. She encourages him to remember what she and Alice believe. She brings her pastor to speak with Joe.

As Joe becomes more bitter and angry about Alice's death, we see him act on his emotions by threatening the bank and others of a conspiracy to murder Alice to try to take his home.  He wants to have someone to blame for Alice's death.

Through this, Dog, what Joe names the stray, stays with him.  Eventually,  we see Joe having the opportunity to confront the young man responsible for Alice's death.  By this point in the film, I was not sure what Joe would do.  He chooses to forgive, because of the influence of Alice and her faith.

All in all, we weren't that impressed with the film.  I would definitely NOT recommend it for your younger children because of the topics.  Since my children, who had just lost their father, were watching it as a family movie night - it did give us some important discussions on the different ways people grieve, and what types of behaviors are unacceptable, no matter how much your heart is hurting.

The quality of the film was excellent, technically.  Great actors, great acting.  I just felt that the story line was confusing, and the characters underdeveloped.  The dog was the least understood character, which is disappointing with a title like "Life with Dog". The ending left us asking, what really happened?

On the positive side, there are few films that can capture the attention of my pre-teens, teens and adults.  This movie did.

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