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Typing Tournament Online & Maths Invaders Online from EdAlive: A TOS Crew Review

Summer learning should look like fun.  Typing Tournament Online & Maths Invaders Online from EdAlive is my new secret learning weapon!
These two programs are really teaching math facts and typing skills, but shhhh...don't tell them, my children think they're playing computer games.  

EdAlive is an Australian company that creates software for kids that is both fun and educational. We were delighted to have access to both programs, all from a central library with the same login.  To get started, you create a parent login, and set up your students.  From this login, you can easily track their progress, in both programs. 

Typing Tournament Online is designed for students ages 6 and up.  It contains important typing skills instruction, and vital typing practice.  The 128 lessons have a medieval theme.  Your students progresses along a personalized map.  It's quite simple, learn the skills needed in the lesson to pass a skills/speed test, and you move on. Each lesson contains 3 typing drills designed to help you master the keyboard, and a test.  

The program teaches typing skills progressively, building lesson upon lesson.  If they need more practice, they repeat the lesson. There are several "games" they can play, all with the medieval theme.  My testers loved knowing what their WPM was.  Certificates are available to print out as a record of what they have done.

My tester LOVED this program.  She is in 4th grade and hasn't done much typing instruction.  This was the perfect introduction.  It's easy to use, and she asks to get to "play" every day.  I've already seen improvement in her typing skills!

Maths Invaders Online is great for students in K-10th grade.  This program contains skills practice for a huge variety of necessary math skills from addition to square roots and percentages!  There are several different ways the student can practice: Galactic Campaign, Space Rescue, Time Tables, and even printable worksheets.

My testers loved the Galactic Campaign - basically, they are answering math questions in order to stop the invaders.  Answer the question and "shoot" the invaders.  It's so fun, it's addictive!  I sat down to "show them how", but ended up hooked myself.  They had to beg me for their turn :-)  They can choose to play at different speeds: basic, expert or master, so you can really focus on improving their math fact recall and speed.  

Space Rescue is a game they can play.  They can choose to compete against themselves, other players online, or against the computer.  Answering math questions allows them to arm their weapon to take aim at the target.

In addition, you can practice those important times tables.  Either online, or you can print out customized worksheets as well.

Overall, these two programs were easy-to-use, and fun.  I'm sure that they'll spend many more hours practicing  math and typing skills, but thinking they're playing games!  It's a win for me, and for them.

Typing Tournament & Maths Invaders Online {EdAlive Reviews}
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Typing Tournament & Maths Invaders Online {EdAlive Reviews}

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