Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Olympics are Coming!

I absolutely LOVE the Olympics!  It's less than 2 weeks away...  Sochi, Russia, here we come!

I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite resources to turn all the Olympic excitement into a learning experience (just like a homeschool mom to make it into "school" huh?)

My all time favorite guessed it!

This is a 4 week study for grades K-12.  We pick and choose what interests us most, and just add it to our day.  There truly is something for everyone in this study.

Don't miss the FREE Companion Lapbook for the younger children too.

Another resource I can't wait to dig into is Southern Hodgepodge's  Chalk Pastels ebook.  I'm not super "artsty" - but, I've tried some of her techniques, and even I can do them!

Of course, each of the kids will pick a country to cheer for.  (By the way, we just learned in history class - if you're cheering for the Netherlands, you should be wearing orange).  This is one of our favorite activities.  We make it a rule that no one can pick the US (we all cheer for them anyway).  It's funny how attached we all become to that country...forever.

I love the nightly family time watching the highlights and heroes of the day.  I love how the games bring the whole world together, for a brief time.   Plus, our maps and globes get an olympic-sized workout in school for a a couple of weeks.

And then, there's the medal counting.  (some of you may call it math, but - I'd prefer not to)  Off to my friend Pinterest for some inspiration....

Let the Games begin!

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