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WriteShop Junior Book D

From their website:

"WriteShop Junior is a creative writing program that appeals to many learning styles. As with all WriteShop products, Book D helps you guide children through the steps of the writing process. To keep the experience fun for everyone, each lesson includes engaging games and activities that teach and review important writing and self-editing skills. And whether you have a more advanced child or one who is fairly new to writing, this program is flexible so children can work at their own level."

What Do I Need to Get Started?
 Includes several schedules with daily lesson plans. Schedules are flexible and easy to follow.   This is not an independent course. Lessons are designed for parent and child to work together.

  • Activity Pack: E-book (1 per family) - $29.95 or hard copy (1 per child) - $39.95
An essential part of WriteShop Junior Book D, the Activity Pack is actually two workbooks in one! It contains both the Student Worksheets and the Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack.

The E-book version includes 60 printable activity pages your child will use to complete portions of each lesson. Games, word banks, worksheets, and graphic organizers introduce children to lifelong writing skills such as brainstorming and self-editing.

Make 10 lapbook-style grammar and writing guides, each devoted to a different skill. Simple rules, engaging examples, and practice exercises make learning or reviewing grammar fun! By the end of Level 1, your child will have his own set of portable reference folders.

The E-book version allows you to make as many copies as you need within your own individual family. 
This product truly saves you precious hours of prep time. Instead of creating and assembling your own game cards, spinners, and other tools to teach creative writing,  the Time-Saver Pack includes durable, ready-made props for many Book D activities.  Or, get the E-book and have fun creating your own!

Kim Kautzer, author of WriteShop, has been kind enough to offer 15% off any WriteShop Primary and Junior products in the WriteShop store (including e-books) using coupon code CREW15 at checkout. Offer valid through June 15, 2012.
Here's a list of writing genres covered in WriteShop Junior - Book D
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Humor
  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Poetry/Haiku
  • Folktales
  • Historical Fiction
  • Personal Narrative
  • Expository Writing: Factual Article
Some of the skills covered are:
  • Identify and use proper grammar and punctuation
  • Narrow a broad topic to a specific topic
  • Brainstorm before writing
  • Structure a sentence
  • Write a paragraph
  • Choose strong words instead of weak ones
  • Write sentences of different lengths
  • Use emotion words to develop voice
  • Use the five senses to add descriptive detail
  • Self-edit and revise their work
  • Creatively publish their final drafts

So, what did the Bentz Laboratory think?  My tester LOVED it!  My particular tester is in 3rd grade, and we have not had a chance to venture to far into writing yet.  This program has it all!  I love that it focused on skills (in a very engaging, grade revelant fashion), and creativity - at the same time.    Best of all, the variety and hands-on projects will keep her interested all year long!

This is a very comprehensive program, I am very impressed!

  • It is full of help for you to teach writing, but even more importantly - to make writing an enjoyable learning journey too! Each lesson is split into 8 Activity sets  - Fold N Go Grammar, Reading Log, Pre-Writing, Skill Builders, Journal Writing practice,  Brainstorming, The Writing Project, Editing and Revising, Publishing the Project, Evaluating, and Want to do More?! Each step is outlined very clearly for you to follow.  All the worksheets, activities, games and teaching tools are included.  No guessing what to do next!

  • The Ebook format is very large family friendly, you can print what you need, for who you need. 

  • This is not a "workbook" program, or one that you plop down in front of your child to do independently.  They describe it like this "WriteShop Junior is a partnership between you and your child".  You are encouraged to share in the entire process

  • They have included Cross Curricular writing ideas as well.  You can use these to integrate writing into history, science, etc.

You will want to check out all the products available at  WriteShop  - they offer a full K-12 product line.  While your at their website - peek around a little, you won't believe all the helpful resources and links they have available for you!

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I was sent a complimentary Ebook set in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.

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