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God's Great Covenant

God's Great Covenant - By Classic Academic Press

From their website:

"Teaching the Bible to young children can be a large task, and is often divided up into many small stories. However, if you would like to teach your students the truly big picture of the Bible, and show them how God has been at work in his people since before creation, you will find God’s Great Covenant to be a unique, surprising, and excellent Bible curriculum. The Bible, taught chronologically, by means of simple and direct stories, chants, and meditation on God’s character define God’s Great Covenant. Even many adults find themselves learning new facts, making surprising connections, and being blessed by reminder of God’s faithfulness, and how he always keeps his promises. Taught from a covenantal and reformed theological perspective, and rooted in Scripture, you will find this series to be a blessing to your classroom or family."

God’s Great Covenant, New Testament 1 teaches the Gospels to students in fourth grade and up, using stories, worksheets, memory verses, devotional guides, quizzes, and a little boy named Simon. In the introductions to the text, students will also learn about the historical, cultural, and geographical setting of the New Testament. This book is a most comprehensive and heartfelt study of the Gospels, and many parents and teachers will find themselves learning along with their students. - $26.95

A detailed Teacher’s Edition is also available. - $29.95.  It is a full copy of the student text, and also provides answer keys and teacher’s notes with additional factual information to expand upon the historical, geographical, cultural, and theological concepts introduced in the text.

An Audio file is available for a download - $9.95.  Included in the more than three hours of recording are thirty-two stories from the four Gospels. The downloadable audio file is MP3 format and can be burned on a CD to take along anywhere you go. The perfect companion for your auditory learners (or "van school" time, like at Bentz Academy!)

See a sample of the Student Text.

Or the Teacher's Edition Sample.

The Bentz Test Laboratory is a big fan of Classic Academic Press - you will definitely want to check out all of their amazing products!  We use their Latin and Logic products - two of our favorite subjects.

True to form, their Bible Curriculum - God's Great Covenant, is a high-quality, Biblically accurate, and academic curriculum.

It is designed into 36 weekly lessons with 4 themes.

Each lesson includes:
  • A memory page that includes a weekly memory verse, key facts chart, fulfillment of prophecy section
  • A thought-provoking “Think About It” question that encourages children to consider how to relate to God in their own lives
  • A worksheet and quiz
  • Unit reviews that contain a memory verse worksheet, devotional guide, and a fun short story of life in Simon’s world.

Very comprehensive program, but also - very easy to jump right in and begin.  If you're looking for a solid Bible curriculum, search no farther!  My testers ranged in age from 1st grade - 8th grade.  It was a subject we did all together, but the Student Workbook would be easy to implement as an independent learning subject with your older elementary children. 

I was surprised by the impressive amount of information included in the Teacher's Guide (well worth purchasing!).  With plenty of space for your own notes, plan on doing this Bible study right along with your children.  I bet, you'll learn as much as they do!

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I was sent a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.

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