Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Real Homeschool Spanish

I love it!  Relax, Enjoy, Aspire, Learn Spanish.  In fact, this is going to be my new motto for Bentz Academy this year -


Here's some introductory information for you:

  • Available online at - REAL Homeschool Spanish
  • Age range - whole family! (love this...especially in a family our size!)
  • Book Bundle Includes:  Book, Activity Book, Answer Guide and Audio Files
  • $49.95 download, $59.95 download with daily curriculum guide, $89.95 hard copy, $99.95 hard copy with daily curriculum guide

The Bentz Test Laboratory has had alot of "trials" (know what I mean...) with learning Spanish.  We have become a bit wary of Spanish curriculum in general.  We've tried almost everything...our results - nada.  But, since I am committed to search until I find - I was eager to try something I haven't heard of yet.

I was NOT disappointed!  REAL Homeschool Spanish is designed for the homeschool family (not the NASA and government officials hoping to learn a new language).  It isn't only  "paper and pencil" learning either.  To really learn a new language - you need to hear, speak it and interact with it (not just read and write it...). 

REAL Homeschool Spanish has 10 units.  Each unit is made up of vocabulary clusters.  There are 33 vocabulary clusters and 15 Idea Sections each with 3-4 activity sections along with audio files of native speakers from Mexico using the vocabulary.

 I love the focus is on learning words that you will actually use, if you speak to a Spanish speaking person. See a sample about learning colors here.  We LOVE the audio files included.  Let's just say, we tend to pronounce our Spanish with a strongly Northern MN accent - it truly is a blessing to have an auditory sample to follow! 

The author Dr. Karyn Williamson-Coria is a homeschool mother of three boys (can we give her a round of applause, please!)  She truly understands what a homeschool mom needs - Curriculum with a detailed plan!  She has done the prep work for you - the program comes with a  "Planning Guide" and "Daily Planning Chart".  Additionally, you will find hundreds of ways to make Spanish study come alive for your family.  "Home Educator Tips" and "Ideas Sections" are included throughout with easy to implement ideas (like games, songs, and more!).  The "Activity Book" will help develop the reading/writing skills for your Spanish study (see a sample here.)

The website is a valuable tool as well!  Check out the Culture Links for free (History, learning games, recipes, and lots more).

I'm very excited about continuing with REAL Homeschool Spanish!  I found it both usable and affordable - you should check out what other members of the TOS Crew had to say about it here.

I was sent a complimentary Book Bundle in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


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