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Maestro Classics - The Story of Swan Lake

Maestro Classics -  The Story of Swan Lake

I LOVE classical music!  (Maybe that surprises some of you that know me's kinda not like my personality, but - I do LOVE it!)  And further, I want my children to LOVE it as well.  Just bragging a bit, but one of my children (an almost teenager no less) has nothing but classical music on his iPod! (one down - just a couple more to go!)

How did I accomplish this feat you ask?  Well, I exposed them to classical music often and early.  I taught them about the lives of the composers and the stories within the music.  We also took them to orchestra performances suited especially for children.  But, if you don't have those opportunities available, and you don't know where to start - why not pick up some CD's from Maestro Classics!

We were excited to listen to The Story Swan Lake (from one of our favorite composers...Tchaikovsky).  Here's a little description straight from them:

"The Story of Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky’s greatest ballet score, is the tale of a prince who falls in love with a beautiful princess. The princess, however, has been turned into a swan by an evil magician, and only the prince’s love can break the spell. This narrated version of the classic tale for children is sure to delight all who love ballet and enchanting storytelling.

A 24-page activity book included with the CD contains a biography of Tchaikovsky, information on acoustic and electric guitars, sheet music and words for a sing-along song, explanation of major and minor keys, puzzles and more. MP3 download from Maestro Classics website includes a PDF of the activity booklet. "

For just $16.98 (CD version) or $9.98 (download) you get:
  • The Story of Swan Lake - Narrated
  • Tchaikovsky's Life
  • Speed Metal Swan (for those not-so-classical-types...)
  • About the Music
  • "Tchaikovsky Wrote a Great Ballet" (a catchy little teaching song)
  • What to have some Fun? Prepare to Perform
  • "Tchaikovsky Wrote a Great Ballet" Sing along
  • And, a 24 page Activity booklet
The Bentz Test Laboratory enjoyed the entire CD, and several of them have become enamored with all things "Swan Lake" - you would not believe some of the amazing performances you can find on Youtube.  That's what great music does - it makes you want more!

I HIGHLY recommend Maestro Classics - their CD's are well done, and follow all the steps for introducing your child to an appreciation of Classic Music without all the cost!  They have many classic stories as well.  Their website even has an Educational Material  section with curriculum and lesson plans - go check it out!

Check out what the other members of the TOS Review Crew had to say about it here.

I was sent a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.

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