Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vintage Remedies for Kids

Vintage Remedies for Kids - $25.00

Okay, so those who know me best... know that this is a product that is not normally found lying around the house (he he).  But, that is why this was so fun to review!  We definitely NEED more books like this at the Bentz Test Laboratory.

This book is designed for kids ages 2-6 to introduce them to "natural living and healthy lifestyles".  The book has 18 Chapters, with 3 sections: Food & Dring, Health & Wellness, and Healthy Lifestyles.  Each section begins with a "Parent's Section" - very useful information for people like me!  Next, comes the "Read to Me" section (my older kids could read it independently), Leading by Example, and finally projects and recipes.

Here's a description from the publisher:

This curriculum helps you teach little ones how to choose healthy foods, how to prepare some fun and delicious snacks, how to establish prevention based habits, and how they can participate in your family's natural lifestyle. The workbook is flexible and can be used for playgroups or as a fun family project. Children at this age learn best with active lessons, so this isn't a sit and read style picture book! It's a guide for parents that is packed with hands on activities that are perfect for little hands, but fun for all ages. Each of the 18 chapters includes a brief age appropriate lesson on the topic that parents can use to discuss with little ones while they are preparing for the projects, a featured project to teaches the lesson, additional instructions for parents to include these lessons in the family's lifestyle, and a selection of additional projects on the topic for additional fun. The book also contains sample schedules for preschoolers and convenient shopping lists for each project, complete with a resource guide and tips for parents and leaders.

spiral bound • 6x9 inches • 202 b+w pages

I think Vintage Remedies would make an excellent unit study for your homeschool health credit.  It's very easy to read and implement, even if you don't usually have time for "natural living" (if your a over-scheduled, busy, and guilt-ridden mom like me...).  I appreciate their balanced approach to this subject, teaching the why's and how's of wellness, and not becoming rigid with unrealistic expectations (I know there are moms out there like me, that "occasionally" eat-french-fries-in-the-van-with-the-kids.)  I know I will be looking into more of their books- check out the special combo deal right now. You can read more about their mission and philosphy here.  I'm ready to give it a try, this is a great "baby steps" program for parents as well as children (Vintage Remedies has more information for those of you futher on your "wellness" paths too!) 

Vintage Remedies offers a wealth of online information and even online learning programs.  Go check them out.

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I was sent a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.

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