Friday, December 2, 2011

American Girl Club - Felicity - Week 4

The Felicity time period continues!

The girls are still working away on the cross-stitch projects (but, my dear daughter has been taught to knit by cross stitch is on the shelf right now!).

This week - the focus was on all things smelly.  I mean, good smelly! 

The girls made Pomander Balls - oranges with cloves and cinnamon.  Just the smell of the house was a good memory.  Didn't you make those when you were young?

They also made Sachets - 2 types.  They filled small bags with scented potpourri.  Once again - the house was filled with Rose and Vanilla smells.

All this girlie stuff was too much for the MCA - they met out on the deck before heading off to play football!

The "Littles" were entertained upstairs...playing with legos and hiding in their beds!

We are excited about our upcoming - Colonial Christmas!  We plan on doing it up big - china plates, candles the whole ball of wax!

Stay tuned...

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