Thursday, February 17, 2011

Expedition Ireland

Expedition Ireland - an exciting adventure by Download N Go by Amanda Bennett.
Available for $7.95

Here we go... off on another learning adventure around the globe! I love studing geography, and these Download N Go Unit studies are making it so easy. Everything you need to get on your way is already "packed" into this 5 day long learning adventure, you just "download n go"!

We started by learning "Where on Earth is Ireland" on Day one. A Tour of the Giant's Causeway had us all captivated. Next, we learned about the Connemara Ponies. We worked in some time and temperature comparisions and even learned an Irish Word for the day (and this was just day 1!)

Day 2 took us to explore "Places in Ireland", along with a geographic feature, word of the day and an animal. The videos throughout the unit keep all of us glued to our screen! Since we won't be taking an Irish vacation for 10 anytime soon, this was the next best thing... and it's quite affordable. Did I mention what a hit Irish Soda Bread was? We loved it!

Day 3 gave us a peek into the past with "The History of Ireland". By now, we can't wait to see what our geographical feature, word and animals are going to be- do your kids "beg" for you to do school yet? I'll give you a hint... you can kiss it - but I wouldn't want to! And, Misha - our golden retreiver wasn't so sure she liked the animal (and irish setter...)

On Day 4, we got to experience "Cool Things to Know about Ireland". Find out what is on top of Carrauntoohil (or what that is, if you don't know...) And, we got to continue with our favorites - animal, word, weather/time comparisons!

Our favorite - Day 5... it was all "Fun and Games"! Leprechauns, Hurling and Irish Apple pie. And all the other "familiar" favorites of the day.

Throughout this 107 page ebook - you will find all the research work done for you. Exciting, informative videos, notebooking pages, book suggestions, and Further Family fun ideas. And, best of all - the components for a lapbook are all there waiting for you to print off! Make a travel journal from your travels - lapbook style!
(the Unit Study website has lots of titles to pick from!)

So, what are you waiting for - the world is waiting to be explored!

I recieved a complimentary copy of this unit in exchange for my honest opinion, no compensation, other than a fun learning adventure!See what the other reviewers thought here


  1. that was an interesting read, I like the way you laid out your review. :)

  2. This really was a FUN unit! We enjoyed it, too.