Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Buckets-O-Fun - YUCK!
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Another fun product to test (we weren't paid, but we did get to get messy for free!)

Buckets-O-Fun is a 4 year old company that specializes in FUN, MESSY, YUCKY entertainment. Every child's dream.

They sent me the following to try out:

Saucy Yuck (consisitency of you guessed it... applesauce)

Chunky Yuck - kinda like ice cubes from McDonalds


Snowy Yuck - this looks just like snow! This was our personal favorite - as it was snowing back home in Minnesota, but we were enjoying the snow in Arkansas in shorts and flip-flops!

So, what can you do with this stuff? Well, it makes for a fun science experiment demonstrating polymers and chemical reactions.

Additionally, the company sells it in 1 lb. bags for $15-$20 (depending on the type of Yuck you want). That will create 35-60 GALLONS of the yuck when combined with water. They have dozens of fun ideas for you online. We would have loved to whip out the slip and slide and see what this slippery YUCK could do... but, that would have gotten too messy for this mommy!

With Halloween right around the corner, we are contemplating what we could do with the Yuck (why waste such a great thing...right?) And, we are now in the process of seeing what happens as the water evaporates.

I can't keep my hands out this squishy, slimy Yuck. Everytime I walk past it, I just have to touch it!

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  1. Wondering what the Bentz are being this year for Halloween!