Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here comes another TOS Homeschool Crew Review Hit!

Schleich sent us a collection of their animal figurines to test and review (we still didn't get paid...) My kiddos thought Christmas had come early.

Are you tired of toys that beep and buzz and break shortly after you unwrap them? Well, I am.
We actually discovered this wonderful company years ago, and have NEVER been disappointed with our purchases.
Schleich was founded over 75 years ago in Germany. They design and distribute their products to over 50 countries. Major retailers like Target and Toy R Us, as well as many independent toy shops are proud to carry their products.

From a "mom opinion" - these toys are wonderful. They don't beep, don't need batteries, and can stand up to whatever abuse comes their way. Also, because of the details and workmanship - these are figures that stand out from the crowded toybox. I wasn't surprised, but each of them are hand-painted after finishing. No wonder they look so realistic!

Please visit - to see their entire 500 plus collection

Even though we were sent animals, I must mention a favorite toy in our busy, boy-filled house is the Schleich Knights (available at Target and Toys R Us). Even as I type - there is a major medieval battle raging in our hallway. I need to clarify - it's not only the "littles" engaging in this imaginative play - currently the 13 yr old, 11 yr old and 9 yr old BOYS are happily battling each other for control of the castle... not a WII in sight!

My "littles" are having a blast with the toy animals. When I asked them what they liked best - they told me they loved the detail, and all the cool animals available. Much more than just the "traditional" animals - they produce everything from farm animals to safari creatures (including the ever illusive Gnu and Gnu calf, not to mention - the Okapi!) These are an educational adventure in play.

The only downside to this review - Schleich included a catalog that shows all the cool creations available, and now the kiddos are fighting over which ones they want next! (lucky for me, they are affordably priced, and worth every dime!)

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  1. We have bought these for years too. My boys have a large container of the knights, battering ram, tents, etc. They have the coolest details. I think I like them just as much as my kids! lol

    I am from the Crew also and now following you. Not sure how I missed following you before.... Great review!

  2. Following you now from the crew!