Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Math Essentials

My next review.... One especially hand-picked for me.... (well, not really - but I wasn't paid for my opinion!)...

America's Math Teacher!

The one area of homeschooling that fills me with dread, I mean wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night terror - MATH! I have jumped in and tried to "re-learn" aside my kiddos, from those first addition and subtraction facts. Well, even with all I have "re-learned" - it hasn't been enough to give me the confidence to tackle the more difficult math. In fact, after a lengthy explanation including diagrams... My wonderful, math-brained son said, "You're making it worse Mom!"

So, imagine my delight at getting this product to review!

America's Math Teacher is an online math course - available at all hours! You can access clearly explaned concepts from Early Addition all the way to Algebra! And, I must say - the students are not more confused than when they started! In addition to the video teaching, you also can access written exercises, speed drills, and evaluations! All coordinated to meet the "NCTM standards".

I tested this out with "algebra boy" and he gave it 2 thumbs up! He is only negative comment was that the Online Tutor wasn't quite as funny as he would like him to be.

My next son, who has my "math brain" - tested the Speed Drills for me. He was reluctant at first, but after a round or two - even he was hooked, trying to best his score.

I really wish I had known about this fabulous resource earlier in our homeschooling journey, it could have given me many more peaceful nights of sleep... not wondering how I was going to teach Math! It features 4 complete Math courses - from Basic Math to Algebra 1. For homeschools - the price of $195.00 per year, no auto renewals! (unlimited students, all 4 courses, all the time, and any time!) It's a bargain compared to purchasing seperate programs for each child's level!

Here's how to find them:

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