Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy #15 Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the Best Husband in the whole world!

I am so blessed to be married for 15 YEARS to an amazing man! You make my life so rich and wonderful.

Here's my top 15 reasons I'm glad I married you...

15. You are an amazing father (and you have "goals").

14. You make me laugh.

13. You never remember some things (hey, it's our anniversary - by the way), but you never forget others (who won bobsled in the 1920 Olympics...)

12. You read great books - and play Authors! (want a game?)

11. You visited the Corn Palace as a kid, and were as disappointed it was just a "building" as I was.

10. Sleeping with Darth Vader can be kinda adventuresome.

9. Grill Baby Grill!

8. You work harder than ever to take care of all of us.

7. You give great backrubs.

6. You're so patient with me and my OCD.

5. You love God more than you love me.

4. You're great at finding new houses online (let's not try that again for awhile!)

3. Our kiddos all look like you (with a little red here-and-there).

2. You go to homeschooling confrences with me for "romance".

1. You bring out the best in me, and everyone around you.

I love you more each year... Happy Anniversary Wonderful Husband!

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  1. I love number 2!! Lol! And you are wrong, you have three kids that look like you. :)