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Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 from Creative Word Studio: A TOS Crew Review


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 from Creative Word Studio

Summer is a great time to sneak in some writing, and Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 from Creative Word Studio it the perfect way!

Creative Word Studio was created by homeschool parents with to help make teaching creative writing easier for you!  Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 1 for grades 5-6 and Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 designed for grade 7-8.

We have been exploring Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2.  This book is spiral-bound with 75 creative writing lessons. Activities include; free writing, mini writing exercises, reading response, and revision practice.  I love the clean pages that have the simple black and white illustrations and plenty of writing space.

Here's a sampling of the lessons - 

First, Mini Writing Lessons.  These are the "fun" kind of writing lessons.   Assignments like a personal profile, making lists, writing a new ending to a cliche, or writing a letter to a company to show dissatisfaction.  These are all "out of the box" ideas designed to get their minds moving and their pen flowing!

Free Writing is my testers favorite!  Simply set a timer (8-10 minutes) and then write whatever comes to your mind.  If you get stuck, keep writing... "What shall I write next, what shall I write next..." until you get unstuck.  If you've never tried free writing, you might be surprised!

Reading Response is the third style of writing in this book. These help you analyze other people's writing.  All of the selections are designed to help develop critical thinking skills as well.  Selections come from a variety of wholesome classics.  Learning how to express what you think about in writing is the goal.

She always holds her pencil on her forehead when she's thinking...

Some assignments are designated as "Gold Pieces" - these are mean to be edited and polished to your best effort.  It's also a piece that teachers can grade, and a handy rubric is included to help.

I love the variety of writing exercises, and the creative prompts, there are even "Friends lessons" to share together.

This is an easy to use, and well thought out creative writing program.  It's designed to be used as a supplement.  I think it would make a great stand alone unit on creative writing, and I think it's the perfect summer writing plan!

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