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The Family Journal from Byron's Games: A TOS Crew Review

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

The Family Journal from Byron's Games

The Family Journal from Byron's Games is a wonderful tool for every family! 

We have recently joined our two families into one, an unexpected and beauty-filled God story.  But, as many of you know, blending families isn't always simple and easy - it takes effort and commitment to bring two worlds together into one family.  I am a devoted journal-er so I was delighted to get this beautiful, hardcover Family Journal and planner to help us get us on the right track.

This journal is unique - it's designed specifically for your family to encourage you to:
  • Spend time together
  • Discuss goals - both for individuals and for the family
  • Create family meetings
The 289 page hardcover journal is thoughtfully arranged to help you get your family on track with identifying and meeting your goals.  It has nice thick pages - perfect for journaling on, and 3 ribbon bookmarks to hold your place.

It's organized into several sections - Yearly Goals, Monthly Goals and Weekly Meetings. 

I like that you can skip around in the sections to utilize the sections that best fit your situation.  We are only 6 months into being a family, so the Mission Statement and Yearly Goal Setting seemed a little "too much" for where we currently are, so we jumped right into Monthly Goals.

The Family Journal contains Monthly Pages for an entire year with calendars, space to write family goals and individual goals, a task list and a place to record a review of how the month went.  Throughout the journal - there are questions to help guide your discussions and thoughtful quotes to inspire you.

With the crazy world we find ourselves living in, I feel like it's even more important to take the time to journal and document these epic times we are in.  The monthly planner is a great space to keep a record of your calendar, but this journal goes the extra mile with a place to record family and individual goals along with tasks to do ( I LOVE a me crazy, but checking off those tasks is a highlight of my day!) Here is a peek at our February 2021.  

Following those pages is a place to record a Review of your month, and how you did on your goals.  I have been trying to diligently do this for years, the Family Planner gives me the perfect space and the reminder with thoughtful questions to help me remember. We don't want to forget the epic Texas snow storm we weathered together!

The next section is the heart of this journal - 52 weeks of unique Weekly Family Meetings.  I love this section!  

 Each week contains varied sections like 
  • Talking Points - to get your family together and discussing what is important
  • Goal Discussion - reviewing goals together
  • Attitude of Gratitude -  places to focus on gratitude
  • Connection Activity -  fun connection activities to get your family enjoying time together

There are places where you can draw, or have your children draw, or even print and add pictures.

I am throughly enjoying this intentionality in this journal and it's fast becoming a beautiful keepsake of our days together.

Be sure to check it out!

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