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Family Membership from CTCMath: A TOS Crew Review

12-month Family Membership, for up to 5 students from CTCMath

I have a confession, I really despise teaching math.  But, one of my favorite solutions to this problem is our 12-month Family Membership from CTCMath.  This online math program gives you K-12 math instruction up to 5 students!

Let me show you a quick tour, it's a very user-friendly program.

As a parent, you have a parent login that allows you to see everything your students have been working on, set advancement criteria for their lessons, and even create customized printable worksheets with the New Wizard Question Bank that they can use offline.  In addition, you get a detailed weekly email sent directly to your inbox with your student's progress.

Each of your student's will login from their own personal login. The program will work with any device, including their IOS devices like the iPad or iPhone.  After logging in, the screen takes them immediately to where they left off, but you can easily adjust the lessons to pick and choose what topics/skills or grade levels they want to work on.

The lessons contain a short teaching video (usually under 10 minutes) with demonstrations of the concept (we love the accent!), followed by a set of questions to test your student's understanding. Your student can stop and replay the videos anytime they want to.

Immediate feedback is given for the multiple choice style answers - either a green check, or a red X with the correct answer displayed.  As a parent, you can determine the percent needed for mastery before your student moves on.  Worksheets can be downloaded or printed with the lesson information as well.

Several fun practice games are included in your student's log in:
  • Speed Skills: Work on speed in their math facts
  • Times Tables: Practice with multiplication skills
  • Swap the Pieces: A logic game 
One aspect of this program I appreciate is the ability to work in different levels for each student.  For instance, our main math curriculum is great with basic number skills, so CTCMath can supplement and review nicely.  However, we have gaps in our math skills when it comes to geometry functions,  so we can use CTCMath as our main math curriculum. It's so flexible!

Another plus to this program is that all my students can use it at once.  This is a great for big families like mine. Where else can your elementary and high school students use the same math program?

Best of all  - CTCMath Single Membership is now available for you to try for free!  Be sure to check this out, you get 2 free weeks to see how it works for you.

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Math 12-month Family Membership {CTCMath Reviews 2019}
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Math 12-month Family Membership {CTCMath Reviews 2019}

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