Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Happy Birthday to ME!

I'm so excited to show you my birthday present...  I've been dreaming of how to create a garden ever since we moved to TX. 

Our yard is TINY... and our soil is completely a rock (really, it is one big rock).  So, it's a challenge to try to create my ideal garden spot.

My solution - go back to my farmer roots and get some stock tanks.  I had to have my father sit down when I told him how I drilled holes in the bottom of them for drainage... brand new stock tanks, that won't ever hold water :-)

Here is my new baby...

But, she looked a bit lonely over there, all by herself...

And, you can't have an even number of items - so that adorable whiskey barrel decided to join my party!

After filling them with our stick pile, mulch and plenty of extra rich garden soil... my assistant gardeners and I were ready to get our hands dirty!

Here's our first creation - our "Salsa Garden" - everything we need for our south TX salsa, all in one pot!

Can't wait to harvest, praying for a mild summer... those tanks could get mighty hot here!

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