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Times Alive by Times Tables the Fun Way: A TOS Homeschool Crew Review

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}
Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

Times Alive by Times Tables the Fun Way

Some days I feel like I will never leave multiplication fact practice behind... my 8 kiddos = MANY years of practice!. Thankfully, Times Alive by Times Tables the Fun Way (City Creek Press), which is online lessons with animated songs and stories to learn times tables the fun way, has made it painless this time around! My 2nd and 3rd graders are having a blast with our three-month subscription. The smile says it all :-)

This is an online, subscription that features animated stories, songs and practice to help master those pesky multiplication facts. Multiple students can access your subscription from the same computer. It's very affordable - just an initial $6.95 setup fee and a monthly fee of just $9.95. They recommend using the program for 20 minutes a day at least twice a week. The 18 lessons could be completed in a single month, or you can extend your subscription for more practice.

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

One of my testers is in 2nd grade and just beginning to learn multiplication. My other tester has been struggling to get them memorized for quite some time. They both LOVED this program.

It's very user friendly, and easy to get started. The program remembers your computer's "cookies" to track your student's progress. Multiple students can use the same computer, but with unique log-in names. The lessons can be completed in any order, so your student can really focus in on the facts they may be struggling with.  This was very helpful for my 3rd grader who already had some of her facts mastered.  

The videos are all animated characters with silly stories that help illustrate the multiplication facts in a memorable way - great for my visual learners. The songs help my auditory learners cement the multiplication facts. I find myself singing them as I'm correcting their math! Take a peek at one of the videos...

It's very easy to see their progress, and for them to find where to start again. The program records which videos have been viewed, which lessons have been completed and even scores on their quizzes. You can see exactly what they have learned.

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}
The Progress check is where they practice what they learned from the song and video. First with the picture prompts, and then with the facts.

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}
And, one of my testers favorite parts - the games! My testers enjoyed the coloring pages over and over.
Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}

I am a huge fan of this type of learning. My testers showed MARKED improvement in their math lessons after just a few sessions. If you have a child that learns a bit "differently", this is the program for you.  

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Times Tables the Fun Way {Review}
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