Monday, January 11, 2016

Family Fun at its Finest!

During our Christmas break,  we had plenty of much needed downtime.  We read books, did puzzles, had a super-mega Star Wars marathon.

After a week - we needed a change of scenery.  We decided to finally use the family pass to the San Antonio Aquarium.  I have NO IDEA why we waited so long!!  It was small, but completely interactive.

We touched the octopus - Yes, you get to touch!!

I absolutely love watching jellyfish in the black lighting.  They look magical!

 Essie found a mermaid and a lizard!

We hand fed sting rays-

We tried to feed the sharks...they were too picky of eaters!

Maybe we should have fed them something a little more tasty....

The birds were the best - they were all over us...

We are already planning a return trip!!

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