Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our Thanksgiving 2015

I was so blessed!  I had my family all together (including Kris!) and we had absolutely NO ACTIVITIES that we had to rush around for.  It rained on my "hoped" for family picture, but other than that... it was delightful.

Here's a couple of Bentz Family Traditions I thought I'd share with you...

Our Thankful Tree - we each add a leave a day with something we are thankful written on it.  Our tree was pretty packed.  I put it on our sliding glass door, it comes off easier that way.

Our Turkey Coloring Contest - we each decorate a turkey, and we let Facebook decide the winner!  Everyone did an amazing job this year.... "Quilt Turkey" won hands down!  Can you guess mine...

PIE - My sweet daughter stepped into the pie making role this year.  I almost hate to admit it - but her pecan pie is way better than mine!

Family -


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