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Science Unit Studies For Homeschoolers and Teachers from Funtastic Unit Studies: A TOS Crew Review

Funtastic Unit Studies Review
Science Unit Studies For Homeschoolers and Teachers from  Funtastic Unit Studies  is a 20O page, softcover science experiment guidebook.  The author, Susan Kilbridge is a homeschooling mom who also happens to have a degree in biology.  She wrote the book especially with homeschoolers in mind, but the activities inside could be used by any curious children. 
 With 20 chapters, or units, designed for  children ages 4-13 years old, this book is a key to unlock the delights of science firsthand. The first 10 chapters are for the younger age group of about 4 to 7 years old, and the second half of the book is geared towards children 8-13 years old. You can check out a couple of units for free to see for yourself:   Atoms and Molecules for ages 8-13 & Plants for ages 4-8.
This is not some flashy, colorful "book" about science that they can read, but rather - a simple, straightforward guidebook for them to use to actually "DO" science.
Topics for ages 4-7:
  • Senses
  • The Human Body
  • Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life
  • Animals
  • Insects and Their Kin
  • Fun with Magnets
  • Stars and Planets
  • Health
  • Beginning Plants
  • Animal Ecology
Topics for ages 8-13:
  • Insects
  • Microscopes and Invisible Creatures
  • Atoms and Molecules
  • Matter
  • Chemistry Fun
  • Weather
  • Force and Motion
  • Simple Machines
  • Light and Color
  • Plants II
Each unit clearly lists the materials needed, like a recipe.  Most of the materials are common household items.  I have a confession... this is where science can stall at Bentz Test Laboratory - scrambling around for materials for the experiment!  I loved how this book gave me a clear list to assemble before we started.
From there, the unit is broken down into smaller parts that you can do over a few days, or all at once.  Clear instructions and explanations are included for every activity.  Additional books or movies are recommended throughout the guide as well.  This is a unit study approach, so while you may be doing science experiments, you'll be learning about much more! 
This book is a great resource, if you to stop just reading about science...and start doing science - this is exactly what you need to get started.  It's customizable - you can pick and choose what you want to do, and it's super multi-child friendly.  For just $16.95 - you'll want to have it. might get your hands dirty, you'll never what is going on in all those cups on the counter, and your children will suddenly start working together ;-)

(yes...phyiscs experiments on force & motion require goggles for safety - just kidding, she loves them!)
It's not a stand alone science curriculum, but can easily add the pop, fizzle, and bam to ANY curriculum by giving you the hands-on experiences that make science learning happen. 
Best of all, it's easy to use!

PS - The author has an American History Freebie you should check out as well!
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