Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grace and Truth Books

From the website:
"Grace and Truth Books  isn’t a Christian bookstore that follows the latest trends. They know that the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ has nothing to do with fancy packaging or attempting to resemble secular literature or media. This online Christian book store is built on a different approach: what will glorify God, strengthen His people in their walk, and call all peoples to find joy in knowing His gospel and following Him."
"I don't believe mother knows that there is a God," said Emily Tappan as she ran in from the garden. "I'm sure she doesn't know or she would have told us all about it. Well, I'll just go and tell her." Blushing and almost breathless from the conscious importance of her communication she exclaimed, "Oh, Mother, there is a God. Mary Lewis told me so. And oh, he is so great! Greater than this house, greater than the tall trees, greater than everything, and I thought you would be glad to know it. I was so glad, and yet it made me afraid."   
"Grace Raymond's "Evil and Cure of A Passionate Temper", is the touching story of a young girl who possessed a violent temper and a tendency to be harsh. Grace comes to realize, after causing her sister injury, that allowing anger to rule in her heart was destroying her and would only grow, leading to worse and worse sins of hate and animosity.

Through the influence of a kind teacher, Grace learns the way of salvation in Christ, and who can save her from her sin, so that she becomes an exemplary model of patience and longsuffering, to her family and all her friends."
The Bentz Test Laboratory loves to read, but, what should they be reading?  Where do you find Godly, wholesome, and character inspiring stories for your young ladies (or gentlemen) to read?  Grace and Truth Books is a great place to look!
My testers enjoyed both of the books we were sent.  We did end up reading them together as a read aloud (highly recommend enjoying them with your children!).  She did get an education in new vocabulary - these books were written over 100 years ago.  Makes me envy the education of our forefathers, no watered-down, simplified vocabulary in these stories! 
 I love to teach character lessons with stories - it's much less threatening than the "lecture" approach. Grace Raymond came at the perfect time to talk about the struggles with anger we've been having lately around here. My girls were able to identify with the main character and her struggle, and it made a memorable impression. 
First Impressions of God was also a timely delivery.  We have been discussing how to hear God speaking lately.  This book was just the conversation starter we needed! 

You can get both of these books as part of the Girls Heritage Collection - Includes 8 books, all originally published by the American Tract Society in the 1800's. - $39

This set includes all the following books:

* The Little Girl's Treasury
* I Have a Soul
* The Dairyman's Daughter
* Behind Mr. Bunyan
* Patty's Curiosity
* The Young Cottager
* Grace Raymond
* First Impressions of God      

The TOS Review Crew reviewed many titles from Grace and Truth Books, you will want to stop by and see what they had to say here.
I was sent complimentary copies in exhchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew. 

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