Thursday, June 7, 2012

American Girl Club - Josefina & The MCA!

Alright, I know...I'm a bit behind with the American Girl Club - MCA (masculine club of awesomeness - for those who haven't met our "secret boys club") posts. Let me catch you up!  We moved from Felicity into Josefina in January.  Here's a recap of our projects:

Cardboard Weaving:

Our favorite: Rebozos!

They had so much fun with the Rebozos.  They wore them everywhere, for days!

Cornhusk Flowers and Painted Flowerpots:

So glad we did this one at Lani's house!

 Simple to make, and beautiful too! Dyed cornhusk flowers!

Glass bead necklaces and butterfly hair clips.  Josefina had to look nice, didn't she?

And, our Memory Books.  A great place to keep our favorite memory verses, autographs, and pictures.  We used melted wax and craft paper to make "oil paper" covers. 

But, this semester really belonged to the MCA - Fundraising Garage Sale!

 After reading the book "Do Hard Things" - our boys decided they wanted to DO HARD THINGS!  So, with a little guidance (and alot of donations) they organized a fundraising garage sale that raised over $2,000 to send one of our families to Haiti this summer on a mission trip.  They planned, promoted and worked very hard.  What a huge blessing to see what God can do with our "junk" - he turned it into an eternal blessing - and taught our MCA they can do someting HARD for God - no matter how old (or young) they are.

Here's a couple of highlights from the sale!

Advertising Specialists (not afraid to be silly to get the people to stop!)

 Here are the Survival Bracelet salespeople.  The MCA made and sold these bracelets all spring as well to raise money for the "Send Hope to Haiti" fundraiser!

 So many great learning lessons took place, even how to make and count change!

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