Sunday, March 4, 2012

K5 Learning

K5 Learning -

Here's a description from their website:

K5 Reading helps kids become strong readers and develop a love of reading. This award-winning program covers phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

K5 Spelling is an advanced vocabulary program which improves language skills one word at a time. We feature adaptive instruction, automatic word generation, an optimized visual interface, and a 150,000+ word database.

K5 Math is an award-winning program which builds self confidence and a deep understanding of math concepts. K5 Math covers numbers and operations, geometry, measurement (including time and money), algebraic thinking and data analysis.

K5 Math Facts uses adaptive technology to help kids develop instant recall of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Progress on each and every math fact is monitored until mastery is obtained.

Watch a video demonstration of the program.

Monthly Subscription:

First Child....................$25.00
Additional Children.....$15.00

Annual Subscription:

First Child....................$199.00
Additional Children.....$129.00

Do you want to check out some sample lessons?  A two week free trial is available as well. The trial includes free reading and math assessments, the two weeks of free lessons, with no future obligtations.  Go see what you think!

Ok, on to what the Bentz Test Laboratory thought.  My tester was interested in getting to do some lessons on the computer.  In fact, having a program like K5 available lets you have the flexibility to take a mini-mom-break from some lessons.  It also encourages them to work independently.  You can see progress reports to keep up with them.  K5 is not an all inclusive curriculum, but rather a supplemental learning tool you can add to your "toolbox"

We really enjoyed the K5 Spelling - one of the most challenging subjects to get accomplished each day. 

My tester enjoyed the lessons, but honestly - she didn't "beg" for more time.  I found the lessons to be good, if rather slow.  I recommend using this product for filling in those "gap" times when you can't manage everyone's schedule.  The prices are a bit steep for the average, "larger-than-average" family.  If you have one or two children, this may be a nice program to have in your "toolbox".

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I was sent a complimentary 2 month subscription in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.

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