Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I did it!

I actually cleaned out the schoolroom!  It does have a floor...I seemed to remember it from before we moved in - but now we can see it!

I'm taking bets - how long do you think it'll stay this way?  Can we make it last at least until school starts...

Next, clean out my bedroom (where I put all the stuff that didn't fit into the schoolroom) Oh, and the closet - notice no pictures of that!

How long can this last? 

This is going to be the Prek-K station - with a calendar and workboxes! 

The 5 older kids each have a "station" of their own.  Matt added the colored write-on boards this weekend and it gave them each a place to show their own style.

Our tables are just white laminate shelving on wood closet organizers (still left over from my college days).  The "Littles" get the blue school table, and I have a computer desk where I'm taking the picture from.  Beware of the closet!


  1. AMAZING! What a great room that is so inviting! Lucky kids!

  2. Great school room. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

  3. Beautiful room! :)

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