Monday, June 20, 2011

Family Camp 2011

Family Camp - 2011

Here are my sad, sad kiddos...I call it the "Before" picture. They are waiting to be baptized in the river.

This is our "After" picture - they are New Creations!

What a wonderful time we had at family camp! Matt baptized 3 more of his children on Father's Day weekend - what a beautiful gift. (4 done, 4 to go!)

I wanted to mark this event someway...So, I got each of them a special necklace and a prayer journal. I was so excited to find 4 matching "boy" necklaces - I gave one to Sam, who was baptized in the same place last year and have one more waiting for Josh.

I gave Selah a "Crowned by the King" necklace (and have 3 in waiting). You can read about the ministry of Crowned by the King, and get your own necklace here. I am so glad I created a special tradition for us! They also each picked up a stone from the river that I will "customize" for them to be a "rock of rememberance".

Our best excitement came when we moved the stove in our cabin to retrieve a lost toy and a MOUSE came hurring out!!! Needless to say, you can fit 8 screaming people on top of a small futon. Matt was laughing so hard he couldn't move, and Essie was happily playing on the floor (next to the critter!) I guess she's so used of our erratic behavior it didn't seem odd to see all of us on the futon - screaming and yelling at Matt to "kill it" with a flyswatter....

Family Camp is always a hot, dirty, cramped, bug filled, and COMPLETELY WONDERFUL time! Take your kiddos next year....


  1. I clearly remember finding myself on top of a picnic table, along with my cousin (and my aunt!!) when we found a mouse in our cabin - we had no idea how we got there but it was FAST! lol
    Isn't camp the BEST?!?!!!!! Three cheers for the newly baptized, too! Glad you had such a good time. See you soon for the 4th of July BASH!

  2. What a beautiful family! Congratulations on the baptisms. I hope Mr. Mouse made it out safely - he must have chuckled too...

    Visiting and following from the Crew...


  3. Visiting and following from TOS crew!

  4. I have always been a sucker for red-heads! Super cute fam...

    Found and following from the Crew :)


    Raising Little Rhodies

  5. What a wonderful day! Such cutie pies you have! Stopping by from the Crew!:) Lori

  6. WOW..Another Renita!!! Congratulations on the kids decisions to give their life to God! How proud you guys must bee:)

    Love all the red hair!

    Following..a fellow Crew mate. I just realized we have the same blog design also!