Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creation Camouflage

Here's a FUN one!
A Download n Go Unit study by Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse
find them online here

This Unit is on sale for $5.95 from Dec. 13-18th (I think it's a great way to add a little school over the holidays, without them knowing what you're doing :-)

Download N Go studies are 5 day - complete unit studies. All you have to do is "download n Go". There is no prep work needed!! There are many, many units to pick from, so you can find something for everyone.

In this unit - we learned about camouflage. We visited Rainforests, deserts, tundras, and oceans to learn about the animals that camouflage there and their "secrets", not to mention a little about Class - Animalia.

One of our favorite parts was the "Animal of the Day". Each day we were introduced to an animal and their camouflage specialities.

I've saved the best for last... Each unit comes complete with all the components needed for a LAPBOOK! All you have to do is print and assemble.

And, if that's not enough - there are book suggestions and family fun ideas to round out the unit.

so, check out the Download N Go store for the great GIVEAWAY

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  1. What a big bunch of redheads!! How sweet! My mom would have loved to have your brood! (We all ended up with brown-ish hair and brown eyes...) I am also on the review team, and was trying to support the other reviewers. We have 6 over my way. Nice to "meet" you!