Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Upward and Onward

The kiddos (upper 4) just

finished their first season playing Basketball and Cheerleading with Upward. What an awesome program! It's a Christian program with a focus on Scripture memory, and they use basketball and cheerleading as the vehicle to do it. The boys were excited to play a sport, and did very well (especially when you know that they are not "natural" basketball players - I think if they stood on each others shoulders -they might be of an "average" height!) Selah was most certainly one of the cutest cheerleaders I've ever seen.

If you have anUpward program nearby - do it.

Now... on to soccer season!


  1. How cute is that! Glad you found such a fun thing to get involved with/meet new friends. Miss you guys!

  2. Very cute! Hailey was just making out her guest list for her birthday party and wanted Selah to come. I had to remind her that you live far away. :(