Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to Renita's Blog

I (Jenny) have become a HUGE fan of blogging and keep trying to convince Renita that she should blog. She is so funny and has so much wisdom to share with us! Now that she is moving, I told her that she had to start blogging to help us stay in touch with the Bentz Arkansas Adventure! So...I am just setting it up:-)

We know that this is a God-calling in their lives, and trust that His ways are good. That being said, I will miss them terribly. As I know many of you will too. So....become a follower of Renita's blog and know that you will be able to encourage her greatly as you read and comment on her blog posts.


  1. Hi Renita --

    Hope you have fun sharing your thoughts and family news on your blog! (I just hopped over from Jenny's blog.) Your family photos look a lot like my husband's -- he is #6 of seven kids. :o)

    God bless you as you move!
    Nancy (mom to Aaron, Nathan, Anya Rashi, and waiting for baby #4 from India)

  2. Hi Renita - Praying for God's favor over your family during this time of transition! I look forward to hearing about your adventures...

  3. Hey!!! I can't wait to welcome you to Conway! It cracks me up that you have this awesome blog and you don't know how to post yet! Soon you will... We can't wait to see you!