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Mastering the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator: Augmented Intelligence for all 21st Century Students from Triad Math, Inc.: A TOS Crew Review

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

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One of our major frustrations with upper level math has been learning to use a scientific calculator.  Mastering the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator: Augmented Intelligence for all 21st Century Students from Triad Math, Inc. to the rescue!

This course offers students a painless way to master the scientific calculator through online lessons and a printed manual.

The Manual contains 25 lessons that guide a student through using the TI-30Xa calculator.   This calculator is frequently used in middle and high school math.  The calculator is easy to find, and costs under $10 typically. This program does not teach math concepts - just the skills needed to accurately use the TI-30Xa calculator.

It's divided into sections and students can jump in where they need to be, and return to lessons again as their math level progresses.  Lessons take about 20 minutes to complete.
  • PreAlgebra: Lessons 1–13
  • Algebra: Lessons 14–15
  • Trigonometry: Lessons 16–20
  • STEM: Lessons 21–25

In addition to the printed manual, this easy-to-use course includes online access to:
  • 25 tutorial videos
  • Notes and exercises for each lesson
  • Quizzes for each lesson
  • A full record of student's progress in the Learning Management System
  • A forum to connect and to ask questions

My tester is in high school and  prepping to take the ACT test this spring, so this was the perfect time to explore this course to master those calculator skills! Be sure to check to make sure your test allows this calculator, while there are many calculators on smart phones these days, most of them are not permitted in the exams.

The online lessons utilize Moodle (the online platform) and work together with the printed manual.  It's easy to get logged in and started.   Th information is helpful to watch, listen and read, and will appeal to all learning styles. 

Craig Hane, PhD.  aka...Dr. Del, the author of this course, will guide them through using this calculator with the narrated videos that demonstrate skills as well.  We found him easy to listen to and encouraging.

The course begins with mastering simple functions and progresses sequentially to higher level trigonometry functions.  Each lesson contains exercises to complete, and a full answer key. 

It's written directly to the student, and they are able to work independently at their own pace.

A handy appendix details how different students can benefit from using this program - from homeschool students to military and STEM bound college students.

I wish I had access to a course like this as we were wading through higher level math with my first born!  

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