Thursday, September 9, 2021

WORLD Watch: A TOS Crew Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

WORLD Watch 

WORLD Watch is a great way to start off your school day!  We have been enjoying this 10 minute long daily newscast from WORLD Watch.  It's a Christian perspective on world news  hosted by Brian Basham, AKA "The Big Bash" who is also the program director.  Great for all ages, the reoccurring theme of  WORLD Watch programing is "Whatever the news, the purpose of the Lord will stand".

We have been long-time fans of the WORLD News Group, addition to their lineup is in its second year and  is hands-down, our favorite way to keep up with what is going on around the world!  

Your subscription gives you access to the entire library - Full Episodes, Feature Stories and the Daily Newscasts, as well as, access to the complete archives.  

We like to start off our school day with our "All Together" time, and WORLD Watch was the perfect addition.  The Full Episodes are each about 10 minutes,  there is quite a bit packed in for you to unpack later with your students. 

In addition to the World News they frequently include short, high-interest segments that bridge to other subjects like science, history, or vocabulary.  Even I found myself saying, "I never knew that"... Very well done!

The Newscast is a daily update on news from around the world, from a Christian perspective.  I can't thank them enough for providing an enjoyable and educational way for my children to keep up with world events, WITHOUT the negative, anti-christian worldview in our mainstream media today.

You also get daily email reminders sent directly to your inbox.  I like to forward them on to my children.

We love the host, reporters, and the  presentation - it's fun, upbeat and positive.  Who thought the NEWS could be that way?  Helping my children see the world and develop Biblical discernment is one of my main goals as we homeschool.  

Check out their 30-day free trial at  WORLD Watch!  We're fans for life!!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Fallacy Detective by Hans Bluedorn: A TOS Crew Review

Hans Bluedorn Brings us Fallacy Detective and Archer & Zowie

 Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Fallacy Detective by Hans Bluedorn

It's time to teach our children how to think critically and Fallacy Detective by Hans Bluedorn is a great tool!

This softcover, workbook edition is recommended for ages 12 and up.  It contains 38 lesson on how to recognize bad reasoning.  I can't think of a more important lesson for today's students than being able to recognize and combat fallacies, or errors in reasoning and logic, that are being presented to them daily. 

This book is organized into 5 main sections and an additional section called The Fallacy Detective Game (to put what you learn into play) along with a full Answer Key.  The sections cover: 
  • The Inquiring Mind - learning to listen and exercise your mind
  • Avoiding the Question - with chapters on 9 common fallacies
  • Making Assumption - chapters cover 9 more fallacies
  • Statistical Fallacies - 7 fallacies dealing with the use of statistics
  • Propoganda -a MUST read section for understanding media today!

I have been a long-time fan of this book, and have taught it to every one of my students over the past 15 years, and I promise it is an eye-opening exercise to read and discuss with them.  It's a wonderful tool for discussion and a vital thinking skill to teach to your children!

The book is organized with sections of fallacies that go together under broader categories.  Each chapter is short (usually just a couple of pages) and entertaining with real life examples and illustrations.  Following the reading, this workbook edition includes easy-to-complete exercises to make sure the fallacy is understood. Illustrations are black and white and frequently from our favorite Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strips.

I like to use this book in a Coop setting with multiple students.  It's great for a discussion based class!  I encourage each student to find an example of the fallacy from the chapter we are reading and bring it to class to show. We made a poster for each fallacy and keep them posted all year long.  The students love this format, and they are learning so much.  We'll be doing it as part of our CrossWired Communications course this upcoming year with our Coop.

It's also a great tool for family discussion - with the chapters being short and to the point, you can read and discuss in the same setting - for us, at the beginning of our school time together. But, I do need to warn you...your children will start pointing out all of your fallacies as well! 

Today's world is filled with fallacies - the only way we can combat them is to teach our children how to spot them, and correct the faulty reasoning and logic!

Check out another great product the Crew is reviewing  - Archer and Zowie!

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Hans Bluedorn Brings us Fallacy Detective and Archer & Zowie

Thursday, August 12, 2021

College Launch Solution from The HomeScholar LLC: A TOS Crew Review

The HomeScholar


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

College Launch Solution from The HomeScholar LLC

College Launch Solution from The HomeScholar LLC is a comprehensive planning course for 10-12th grades that will get you and your teen on course for college!

This online program with lifetime access is packed with over 60 hours of training to help you understand the process of launching your child to college. 

The 8 training modules cover what you need to know:
  • Core Training on the basics
  • Finding a College
  • Paying for College
  • Application Process
  • Preparing for the Launch
  • Succeeding in College
  • FAQ - with updated videos for new questions
  • Surprise Bonuses
In addition to the comprehensive training modules that includes videos, audio recording, ebooks, slides, downloads of planning information and articles - you get access to 

  • Private Facebook Community (all Customers) 
  • Monthly Accountability Emails (Group and Private Coaching members)
  • Monthly Q&A Webinar (Group and Private Coaching members)
  • One-on-one Coaching (Private Coaching members only) – Get 20 minutes of weekly email or phone coaching from Lee to get expert advice on your specific situation.

The course begins with the Core Training Module that contains tabs with information specifically for your Teen, the Parents, Being the Counselor and Coach, Understanding the Admissions process & Scholarships.  This information packed module is worth the price of the entire program (and you get so MUCH more!)

Lee Binz speaks clearly and directly to the teens - you can download a helpful workbook to take notes, and work at your own pace. She explains the entire process from start to finish with 12 sections that outline everything from how the college application process works, what tests to take, how to visit colleges, and even to how to find letters of recommendation and write winning application essays!

The core training is filled with all the information you need to get you started on a path toward college.

I love that you can work on these modules at your own pace.  Summer is my planning time, so this was the perfect chance to take a peek at the helpful checklists for my upcoming Junior, and make a plan for my upcoming high schoolers.

Another module that I really needed was the Preparing for the Launch section.  I have launched 4 of my students to college (the last one just finished her first week!) and I still fiound valuable tools and information here!  The "Prepare for Independent Living" checklist a gem - a list of practical skills that your teen will need with a checklist for discussed, demonstrated, practiced, and perfected. Absolute genius!

There is a section that covers "Unique Situations" filled with helpful tips!

The Succeeding in College module is a great tool for your students.  It covers training on how to thrive and guard your faith (a real test in college!) as well as information on improving study skills and writing skills with workshops from some favorite homeschool professionals.

The Surprise Bonuses include some of Lee Binz's best selling Ebooks, additional mini-workshops, introductory courses (if you are not quite to the college launch season) and even how to use the College Launch Solution to earn high school credit (the reading list is excellent!)

I love Lee Binz's gentle and encouraging approach.  Truly, this course will walk you thru everything you need to know about launching your students into the college world, and helping them succeed!

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Homeschool High School to College with The HomeScholar

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

CTCMath: A TOS Crew Review


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew


CTCMath is the one program that fits all your students! We have been loving our 12 month family membership to CTCMath!

CTCMath gives you unlimited access to all grade levels and lessons for your K-12 students. It's a wonderful value, we've been using it for years now (check out one of our previous reviews here)

The user-friendly program uses separate logins for the parent, and each student.  The Parent Login gives you the ability to see exactly where your students are working on, how much time they are spending and a detailed description of their lesson progress. 

Parents can also set the Pass Mark - the percentage of questions answered correctly to move ahead, we use 90%.  Weekly progress emails and achievement certificates are sent directly to your inbox.

Students login to their personalized dashboard.  The program takes them directly to where they left off. One feature I love is that they get to determine the grade level, topic and even the specific math skill they want to work on, and they can work in multiple grade levels at once.  All lessons are accessible with your membership, so you can pinpoint exactly where they need to improve math skills.  

Handy placement tests can help you determine where to start. This is a great option for either using CTCMath as your main math curriculum, or using it to supplement and reinforce math skills topic by topic.

Students can personalize their background color and see their pass mark in their settings. 

Each lesson has a similar format - a short teaching Video (with that amazing accent). The videos are usually under 10 minutes long, in a whiteboard style.  My testers like that they can stop and replay the video as often as they need to. It's easy to use this program on the go with any internet access.

Lesson Summary is available as a PDF that can be downloaded and printed.  Worksheets are also available for many lessons.

After the video, students complete questions to test their understanding.  They can choose from: 
  • Short - 20 questions
  • Standard - 30 questions
  • Comprehensive - 40 questions

Questions are interactive, meaning the student gets immediate feedback for their answer - correct with a green check mark, or incorrect with a red x and the correct answer displayed.  The program records all the information, so that you can see detailed reports.

Several simple games are available to practice facts, times tables and critical thinking.  The focus of this program is solid math skills.

Lessons also feature printable Summary of the lesson that includes explanations of each question, and how to  solve correctly.

Students can also check their progress by clicking on "Progress".  I like being able to pinpoint the topics and skills they need to focus on, and they like knowing exactly where they are.

We love this comprehensive, self-paced program.  It works well for multiple children, all at varied levels. Printable versions of lessons and worksheets are available. 

 You can check it out for yourself with their Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee!

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                   Online Homeschool Math with CTCMath

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Activity-Pak: The Old Testament from Home School in the Woods: A TOS Crew Review


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Homeschool in the Woods

Activity-Pak: The Old Testament from Home School in the Woods

One of may favorite ways to study history is ANYTHING from  Home School in the Woods!  This time we got to take a peek at Activity-Pak: The Old Testament from Home School in the Woods.

This is an activity packed trip through the Old Testament with 15 different lap booking activities, recipes, creative writing, and a study of Proverbs for your students in grades 3 - 8.

Here's a quick peek at the Activity-Pak studies:

The Activity-Pak is available as a PDF download (or CD) that you print at home.  All you need is paper, ink, glue and a couple of file folders to get started!

The Lapbook activities are some of our favorite. 15 different mini-books are included covering the topics of : 
  • Creation
  • Jubal & Tubal-Cain
  • From Adam to Joseph
  • Noah & the Flood
  • The Tower of Babel
  • Abraham, Sarah, & Isaac
  • Sodom & Gomorrah
  • Ten Plagues of Egypt
  • Ten Commandments
  • Hebrew History with Egypt
  • Israel's First Three Kings
  • Division of the Hebrew Kingdoms
  • The Fiery Furnace
  • Ruth, Naomi, and Esther
  • Major & Minor Prophets
 Once you have it downloaded, you start at the Menu and print what you need. 

The handy "start" screen makes it easy for you to find each component and instructions.  I love how easy these studies are to use!

Full color, detailed instructions with photographs are included to make it simple to complete, even if you are new to lap booking.

One thing we love about lap booking, is that you get a nice, finished keepsake of your study that you can come back to later.

The lap book activities are all varied, and even include some yummy Old Testament Recipes!

We have done many other history studies from  Home School in the Woods, one thing that makes this one different is that it doesn't contain the history lesson text and reading portions.  It makes this a great add-on to your studies, or even a fun summer Bible study project to complete together.

In addition to the lap book the Activity-Pak contains a fun creative writing Newspaper project.  It contains 19 different "article" titles for you to write about, illustrate and show off.  We can't wait to get started on this section!

And... there's more..  A section on Proverbs to illustrate - with a choice of lined copywork, or handwriting practice is included with 25 key Proverbs to study and memorize together.

If you are looking for a fun way to make history come alive, be sure to check this one out!  Other members of the Crew are reviewing these great products too:

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                    Hands On History with Homeschool in the Woods