Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our "Gotcha Day"

I have a number of friends that have adopted.  So, I know what a "gotcha day" is... do you?  It's the day that the child that already is a part of your family in your heart - becomes "officially" yours.

Our first "official family photo"

We adopted Kris in our hearts last year,  this April 18th - we got our very own "gotcha day!"   Have I told you about my 9th child yet...

Well,  she's 26 years old, finishing up her college degree.  Just a tip for all you wanna be adoptive moms out there - there are HUGE blessing to adopting independent, potty trained, college students!  We met Kris as we embarked on our India trip last year - she was wanting a community/family, and I hadn't felt that "done" feeling everyone says you have when you are done having kids...


Kris, Sam and I all shared the amazing India experience together.  I knew she was mine right away, but especially our last day in India.  As we played and splashed together hand in hand in the Indian Ocean, and I knew our hearts would forever be knit together.

She is a perfect fit our our craziness.  She loves board games, and is highly competitive. (The seat of shame was her brainchild)  She loves the loud chaos of our home, and even brings her own to it.  She's a dog person... (ok, one strike against her) but, at least half of the family agrees with her. She is passionate and fiesty, but has the most compassionate true heart.  She loves Jesus and people, and everyone who meets her falls in love her.  My other eight children love her almost as much as I do!

So, Kris' grandma (the amazing woman who raised her) had brain surgery last week.  God has been busy miraculously healing her, and we are so very thankful!  As I was checking in on Kris (who has barely left her grandma's room) Grandma asked to speak to me.

She asked me to promise to take care of Kris, and be her "momma".  She gave Kris her blessing and encouraged her to come to San Antonio with us for the next phase of life.  When I visited her a couple days later, she grabbed my hands, looked me in the eyes - and made me promise to take care of Kris.  It was such a meaningful moment for both of us.  I feel like Grandma passed Kris into my keeping.  What an amazing privilege to be allowed to share.

Thank you God for giving us our very own "Gotcha Day" to add to our family celebrations. We love you Kris!

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